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 The scientific journal of Energy Engineering & Managementis  an open-access journal which  publishes articles concerned with the advancement and dissemination of new knowledge in field of energy and related topics. The journal publishes articles which are a blend of theoretical, empirical, and policy-related papers in energy engineering & management

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Energy Engineering & Managment

2022، Volume 12، Number 2

Print ISSN: 2345-2951

Online ISSN: 2251-8061

Director-in-Charge: A.Ketabi

Editor-in-Chief: M.Mohsennia

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An Energy Democracy Model for Energy Communities Based on the Prosumers’ Preferences and Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

Mr. Peyman Afzali,Prof. Masoud Rashidinejad,Dr. Amir Abdollahi,Dr. Mohammad Reza Salehizadeh,Dr. Hossein Farahmand

A modified SRM Drive Structure Based on Conventional Inverter and DTC Strategy to Reduce Torque Ripple

Majid Ghanizadeh,Dr Seyed Reza Mousavi-Aghdam,Dr Majid Hoseinpour

Improved nanofluid cooling of cylindrical lithium ion battery pack in charge/discharge operation using wavy/stair channels and copper sheath

Mr Ehsan Doakhan,Professor G A Sheikhzadeh

Investigation on thermal behavior of common types of roofs in buildings using computational fluid dynamics method

Mr milad rabiee,Dr alireza arabsolghar,Mr iranmanesh afshin,Dr mohammad shafiey dehaj

Fault Detection and Classification in Double-Circuit Transmission Line in Presence of TCSC Using Hybrid Intelligent Method

correspondence zahra moravej,collegue Ali Khalilzadeh fard,collegue Mohammad Pazoki

Autonomous Wireless Heat Energy Meter based on Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Heat Energy Measurement in Building Complexes

Siamak Jafarpisheh, Ahmadreza Tabesh, Nasrin Rezaei Hosseinabadi, Mohammad Amin Latify, Hamid Reza Karshenas

Integrated Power Management System for Zero-energy building: Techno-Economic Analysis

Prof mostafa Esameili shayan,Prof gholamhassan Najafi,Eng. Barat Ghobadian

Thermoeconomic analysis of reducing exergy losses in greenhouses with hydroponic cultivation system through drainage recycling and formation of water quality pyramid

Mr Ahmad Hosseinnejad,Dr Yadollah Saboohi,Dr Ghasem Zarei,Dr Jalal Shayegan

Fault detection, classification and location methodology for solar microgrids using current injection, online phaselet transform, mathematical morphology filter and signal energy analysis

Dr. Mostafa Dodangeh,Dr. Nzvid Ghaffarzadeh

Design Optimization, Voltage Quality and Torque Ripple Improvement of an Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Generator for Direct-Drive Wind Turbines

Dr Ali Akbar Abdoos,Dr Mohammad Ebrahim Moazzen,Dr Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini,Dr Seyyed Asghar Gholamian

Optimization of Plasmonic DSSC with Controling of Au/Tio2 Mass Ratio and Configration of Photoanode

Dr Hossein Rooholamini nejad,Miss Hamideh Hasanzadeh Jeshari

Grid Integration of a Single-Source Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter with Boosting Capability

Dr Hassan Zare,Dr Hossein Asgharpour-Alamdari

Adaptive setting of UFLS relay using hourly programming considering renewable energy sources in smart grid

Mr Ali Rafinia,Dr Navid Rezaei,Dr Jamal Moshtagh

Energy generation in nanoscale using PVDF piezoelectric nanowires

Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Abolhasani,Dr. Hosna Soleimani

An Innovative Symmetric and Asymmetric Topology for Multilevel Inverter Aiming to Reduce the Count of Switching Devices

Dr. Majid Hosseinpour,Eng. Ali Seifi

Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid Islanding Detection Method for Inverter-Based Distributed Generation Resources

Mr. Mohammadreza Golshanara,Dr. Hossein Hojabri

Identifying Initial Events of Cascading Failures Using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Method

Engineer Mojtaba Fekri,Dr Javad Nikoukar,Prof Gevork B Gharehpetian

Adaptive Protection Based on Intelligent Distribution Networks with the Help of Network Factorization in the Presence of Distributed Generation Resources

Eng. Sepideh Teymouriyan,Dr. Ghazanfar Shahgholian,Dr. Bahador Fani

Performance Evaluation of New Combination External Recycle Flow and Arc-shaped wire as artificial roughness of Solar Air Heater

Mr. Morteza Haydar,Dr. Majid Sabzpooshani

Increasing the efficiency of CIGS solar cell with the appropriate combination of CdS and CdSe buffer layers: simulation by Silvaco software

Dr Mostafa Zahedifar,Ms Tayebe Ghorbani,Dr Mehrdad Moradi

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