List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Experimental investigation of thermal and electrical performances of a nanofluid-cooled photovoltaic/thermal system equipped with a sheet-and-grooved serpentine tube collector - Accepted in 2021/04/27
Amin Shahsavar Dr *
XML Detection of high impedance faults in distribution networks using Stationary Wavelet Transform - Accepted in 2020/11/14
Zahra Moravej Correspondence *, Mehrdad Ghahremani Collegue
XML Multi-objective Optimization of Customers’ Load and Local Energy Resources in order to Increase Profitability and Decrease Pollution of Smart Microgrid - Accepted in 2021/01/14
Masoud Alilou Dr., Behrouz Tousi Dr. *, Hossein Shayeghi Prof.
XML Determination of energy efficiency and exergy of solar collector bed, operating plate under turbulent nanoscale flow with molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles in different morphologies for tropical regions of Iran - Accepted in 2021/02/23
Alireza Aghaei, Amin Dezfulizadeh *, Alireza Fadaei dehar, Mohammad Sepehrirad, Hossein Mazaheri
XML Thermodynamic modeling and comprehensive off-design performance analysis of a real integrated solar combined cycle power plant - Accepted in 2020/07/12
Mohsen Yazdani Mr, Mahdi Moghimi Dr. *
XML Robust Dynamic Sliding Mode Torque Observer for Wind Turbine - Accepted in 2020/08/4
Mahnoosh Shajiee Mrs, Seyed Kamal Hosseini Sani Dr *, Saeed Shamaghdari Dr, Mohammad Bagher Naghibi Sistani
XML Identification of Barriers to the Development of CHP Technologies in Iran Using Multi Level Perspective - Accepted in 2020/10/12
Omid Shakeri Mr., Mohammadreza Razavi Dr. *, Mehdi Elyasi Dr.
XML Analysis of Unsteady Fluid Induced Vibration Forces on a Nuclear Fuel Rod Bundle in Turbulent Axial Flow - Accepted in 2020/12/2
Mansour Talebi *, Ali Hatami
XML Power Quality Improvement in a Steel Plant by an Optimized Shunt Active Power Filter based on Developed P-Q Theory - Accepted in 2020/11/14
Mohammad Reza Ansari Dr. *, Mohammad Sadegh Mousavi, Shila Safaee Dr.
XML Improved Fault Location Using Fault Indicators and Loads Probabilistic Model - Accepted in 2020/07/25
Omid Darijany Engineer, Roholla Fadaeinejad Dotor *
XML Transient Behavior Analysis of Grid-connected DFIG Based Wind Turbine During Power System Faults - Accepted in 2020/07/21
Mohammad Rajabi Nasab Engineer, Hamid Yaghobi Professor *
XML System Stability-Constrainted Optimal Protection Coordination in the Microgrid Including Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage - Accepted in 2020/06/7
Saeed Abrisham Foroushan Asl, Majid Gandomkar *, Javad Nikoukar
XML Optimal Allocation of Electric Vehicles' Parking Lots in Distribution System Considering Urban Traffic - Accepted in 2020/06/25
Hamid Asghari rad Engineer, Meysam Jafari Nokandi Professor *, Seyed mehdi Hosseini Professor
XML Application of Hyper-Spherical Search Algorithm for Combined Heat and Power Planning Considering Peak Load Model and Valve Point Effect - Accepted in 2020/07/28
Sajad Bagheri *, Reza Jahantash, Gevork Gharehpetian
XML Sensitivity Assessment of Lightning Protection Device Aging Effect on Distribution Substation Insulation - Accepted in 2020/06/20
Masumeh Khodsouz Dr *, SeyyedMeysam Seyyedbarzegar Dr
XML Optimal Placement and Sizing of Distributed Generation Via an Improved Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II - Accepted in 2020/06/21
Faegh Kermani, Javad Olamaei *
XML Three Dimensional Transient Numerical Modeling of Temperature Distribution and Output Power in Photovoltaic Module - Accepted in 2020/07/12
Najmeh Dabaghzadeh Mrs, Mohammad Eslami Dr *
XML Estimation of Demand Side Resources Potential regarding Climate Changes - Accepted in 2020/11/14
Fatemeh Sheibani Miss, Hengameh Keshavarz Dr. *, Mojgan Mollahassani-pour Dr.
XML An adaptive method for accurate sharing of harmonic and unbalanced loads in islanded microgrids - Accepted in 2020/06/7
Reza Ghanizadeh ِDr *, Gevork B. Gharehpetian Dr
XML Optimal Design of a Microgrid with Multiple Energies Considering Reliability - Accepted in 2020/06/21
Vahid Amir, Mahdi Azimian *, Morteza Javadifar
XML Performance improvement of a transcritical carbon dioxide compression refrigeration system by means of an absorption after-cooler - Accepted in 2020/10/19
S.M.Hojjat Mohammadi Dr. *
XML Experimental study of Maisotsenko cross flow cooler and numerical solution of air in mass and heat exchanger - Accepted in 2020/07/28
Meisam Sadi Dr *
XML Application of guide blades for improving performance of savonius wind turbine - Accepted in 2020/09/27
Vahid Etmadeasl Mr, Rasool Esmaeilnajad Dr *, Babak Farzaneh Dr, Moharram Jafari Dr
XML Numerical study of heat gradient and crossing energy to around building walls containing phase change materials in Kashan temperature conditions - Accepted in 2020/07/8
Hamidreza Assarzadeh Nooshabadi Mr., Morteza Madhkhan Dr. *
XML Solar Energy System Design of Ultralight Aircraft for Smoke Detection and Fire Alarm Proposes - Accepted in 2021/01/25
Hamid Radmanesh *
XML Using system dynamics approach to identify factors affecting energy consumption and CO2 emissions in urban transport: A Case Study of Tehran - Accepted in 2021/04/15
Fatemeh Akbari *, Ali Nazemi, Siyab Mamipour
XML A Nonlinear Voltage Stability Index based on Vector Analysis Method and Measurements of Active and Reactive Powers of Power System - Accepted in 2021/01/23
Mostafa Mohammadniaei Mr, Farhad Namdari Dr *, Mahmoud Reza Shakarami Dr, Leila Hatamvand Miss
XML Modular Multilevel Current Source Inverter Using Two-Switch Basic Units - Accepted in 2018/10/20
XML Numerical analysis of an ejector-injector rifrigeration cycle - Accepted in 2019/01/5
Ebrahim Afshari Dr *, Masoud Ziaei-Rad Dr, Mohsen Ashrafian-Far Mr.

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