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Economic Estimation of Reserve Requirements of Wind Farms with using Neural Networks to Predict Wind Speed (23510 Views)
Active and reactive power control of ‎ DFIG wind turbines by OCC method (14327 Views)
Numerical and field analysis of single-hole blasting mechanism in conglomerate rock mass of Gotvand Olya Dam (13264 Views)
Analysis of second law for free convection in L-shaped enclosure with heat-generating conducting body (10266 Views)
Simultaneous placement of DGs and capacitors in distribution networks - determining the optimum configuration (10070 Views)
Exergy and Energy Analysis of the Steam Power Plant in Isfahan Refinery in Iran (9654 Views)
Comprehensive Exergy Analysis of a Geothermal Heat Pump Using Low Temperature Resources in Ramsar (9291 Views)
New method for optimum placement of DGs and reclosers (9283 Views)
Numerical analysis of wind effect on performance of unglazed transpired solar collector (9255 Views)
Presumed PDF Modeling of Reactive Oxy-Fuel Flow in a Model Combustor (9156 Views)
Numerical study of turbulent natural convection in the presence of a constant magnetic field in a square enclosure (9037 Views)
Real time volt & var controls in distribution networks considering distributed generation by imperialist competitive algorithm and fuzzy theory (8998 Views)
Simulation and Thermodynamic Analysis of a Combined Gas Turbine Power with a Solid Oxide Fuel cell and Analysis Irreversibility Hybrid Systems (8952 Views)
Investigation of experimental performance of combined Rankine and vapor compression cycles using an ejector (8428 Views)
Experimental investigation on the effect of CO2 diluents on pollutants emission in propane-air non-premixed flames (8343 Views)
Energy &Exergy Analysis of Coupling of Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) and Multi Effect Desalination (MED) (8162 Views)
Energetic and Exergetic Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine Cogeneration System (7941 Views)
Comparison of Turbulence Sub-Grid Scale Model for Modeling of Large Scale Pool Fire Using LES (7861 Views)
Transient Characteristics of a Single-Effect Absorption Refrigeration Cycle (7789 Views)
Assessing the wind energy potential of North Khorasan province in Iran (7633 Views)
Optimal sizing and operation of an industrial CHP system for a gas engine prime mover (7435 Views)
Thermo-Economic Evaluation of Water and Power Cogeneration Process through Thermal Desalination near a Back Pressure Combined Cycle (7398 Views)
Hydrogenation of the Milled Mg-Ni Compound (7391 Views)
Natural Convection of Cu-water Nanofluid in Concentric Annuli with Six Radial Fins Attached to Inner Cylinder (7137 Views)
Economic load dispatch considering practical limitation of generating units using improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm (7002 Views)
A new approach for maximum power extraction from wind turbine driven by doubly fed induction generator based on sliding mode control (6595 Views)
Study and Exergy Optimization of a Flat Plate Solar Collector in a Closed Circuit Utilized with Reflectors and Lenses Using Experimental Results (6556 Views)
Optimal Locating and Capacity Selection of Gas Fired Distributed Cogeneration Systems for an Industrial District (6457 Views)
Common-Mode Voltage Reduction in Matrix Converter by Zero Vector Elimination (6377 Views)
Experimental Study of Effects of Flue Gas Recirculation Technique on Maximum Flame Temperature and the NOx Emission of Gasoil and Biodiesel Combustion (6260 Views)
Prioritizing Energy Recovery Equipment in Vehicle Paint Ovens Based on Economic, Environmental and Global Warming Factors Using ANP Methods (6205 Views)
Determination of optimum cutting parameters for machining of austenitic stainless steel based on manufacturing management requirements (6150 Views)
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Inlet Air Swirl Angle Effects on Temperature Profile and CO, NO Pollutants (6149 Views)
Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Between Gaps of Concentric Imperfect Cones (6085 Views)
Analysis of Integrated Refrigeration Systems with Microturbine and Absorption Chiller (6007 Views)
Thermodynamic and Exergy Analysis of a Combined Power and Desalination Plant (5941 Views)
Fabrication of Silver Microspheres as Metallic Scattering Centers in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells: Light Harvesting (5921 Views)
Three Dimensional Modeling of the Bed in Silica Gel/Water Adsorption Chiller: The Effect of Heating Fluid Temperature (5899 Views)
An Empirical Model to Predict Particle Size Reduction Caused by Blasting in the Conglomerate Rock-Mass at Gotvand Olya Dam (5862 Views)
Effect of Solar Angles on Incident Energy of the Flat Collectors (5832 Views)
Electric Load Dispatch Among Power Plants in order to Reduce Fuel Cost and Environmental Pollution (5814 Views)
Optimal Sizing of DERs in a Grid Connected MG for Supplying Electrical and Thermal Loads Cosidering the Reduction of Fossil Fuels' Dependency (5813 Views)
Analytical Modeling of the Relationships Between Sun Radiation and Micro and Nano Particles in the Air (5745 Views)
Generation Expansion Planning and Generation unit Location Based on IGA and AHP (5736 Views)
Cost Reduction in Cast Iron Rotary Furnace: A Thermodynamic Approach (5671 Views)
Wind Energy Potential in the Province of Sistan and Baluchestan and Economical Analysis for Installing Wind Turbines (5563 Views)
Modeling of a Combined Wind Turbine-Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System and Contribution of Fuel Cell Electrical Supply Demand in Case Study (5465 Views)
Effect of Porous on Premixed Co-Flow Organic Particles Cloud Combustion (5315 Views)
Robust Controller Design for IG Driven by Variable-Speed in WECS Using μ-Synthesis (5218 Views)
The Electrochemical and Economic Modeling of a Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack in an Energy Generation System (5014 Views)
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