For submitting manuscripts to the journal of Energy Engineering & Management  , go to website:  and take the following steps:
- Register as a user in website
- Receive a special code for the article
- Fill out the article form with required data
- Check the article and submit the related files and comments in the private page
- Approve the article
Authors who have not already had an account with  , will be asked to create a short user profile with a given unique password.
At first, the received manuscripts are verified in terms of format, aims, and scopes of the journal. Then, it will be undergo a  standard peer review process common for every scientific publishing. Each manuscript is reviewed by at least two reviewers. However, the time scope for every review and consideration may vary.
It is very important that authors take their time to review their articles for grammar and spelling thoroughly before submitting their manuscripts. Please write your text in good English (American or British usage each  is accepted but not  mixed version). By submitting a manuscript, the author admits that his manuscript (whether in its original language or in translations to other languages) is free from falsification, plagiarism and self-plagiarism, duplicate submissions, and multiple copying of similar information in other research papers.

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