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 The scientific journal of Energy Engineering & Managementis  an open-access journal which  publishes articles concerned with the advancement and dissemination of new knowledge in field of energy and related topics. The journal publishes articles which are a blend of theoretical, empirical, and policy-related papers in energy engineering & management

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Energy Engineering & Managment

2023، Volume 13، Number 1

Print ISSN: 2345-2951

Online ISSN: 2251-8061

Director-in-Charge: A.Ketabi

Editor-in-Chief: M.Mohsennia

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  • Accepted Articles

Complete Load Compensation in a Distribution Network with a Single-Stage PV Grid Interface Converter

Hadi Afkar, Mostafa Esmaeeli

Improved Rotor Designs of V- and Flat-type BLDC Motors Aiming at Low Torque Ripple

Dr Seyed Reza Mousavi-Aghdam, Amin Kholousi

Economic, Exergy, and Environmental Analysis of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector with Turbulator Containing Polymer Hybrid Nanofluid

Ali Hosseini Esfahani, Mehdi Aliehyaei, Ali Hassani Joshaghani, Mohammad Mahdi Najafizadeh

Technical and economic evaluation of micro-hydropower plant design on water transmission lines (case study: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province)

Dr. alireza reisi

Employing Dynamic Line Rating In Unit Commitment Problem In the Presence of Wind Power Generation Units Under Uncertainty Condition

Majid Mirzaee,Dr. Amir Bagheri

A New Type-II Fuzzy Logic Control-based Energy Management Strategy for Improving Fuel Cell Durability and Fuel Economy of Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Majid Keshavarz, Noshin bigdeli, Aref Shahmansoorian

Feasibility Study of Employing an Ice Storage System in Air Conditioning Systems of Office Buildings in Warm Regions of Iran

Eng. Shahrokh Khakimotnag,Dr. Mohammad Ahmadzadehtalatapeh

Numerical simulation of geothermal heat exchanger equipped with turbulator containing two-phase hybrid nanofluid

Dr ghanbar ali sheikhzade,phd student Mohammad sadegh Askarian,Dr Alireza Aghaei

Numerical study of the thermohydraulic and energy-saving performance of a graphene nanoplatelet-platinum hybrid nanofluid inside a manifold microchannel heat sink

Dr M. R. Babaei,Dr G. A. Sheikhzadeh,Dr A. A. Abbasian Arani

The Impact of Vanadium-Redox Batteries on the Reliability of Power Systems Integrated with Current-Type Tidal-Turbines

Mr. Amir Ghaedi,Mr. Reza Sedaghati,Mr. Mehrdad Mahmoudian

Fault Diagnosis and Control of the Boost Converter Switching System In Energy Conversion Systems

Dr Sayyed Hossein Ejtahed,Dr Naser Naser,Dr Ali Karimpour

Numerical Modeling and Evaluation of Pigging in Pipeline by SPH Method With Energy Optimization Approach

Amir Askari Kashan, Mohammad Reza Nazari, Ahmad Reza Faghih Khorasani, Rahim Shamsoddini

An Energy Democracy Model for Energy Communities Based on the Prosumers’ Preferences and Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading

Mr. Peyman Afzali,Prof. Masoud Rashidinejad,Dr. Amir Abdollahi,Dr. Mohammad Reza Salehizadeh,Dr. Hossein Farahmand

A modified SRM Drive Structure Based on Conventional Inverter and DTC Strategy to Reduce Torque Ripple

Majid Ghanizadeh,Dr Seyed Reza Mousavi-Aghdam,Dr Majid Hoseinpour

Performance Evaluation of New Combination External Recycle Flow and Arc-shaped wire as artificial roughness of Solar Air Heater

Mr. Morteza Haydar,Dr. Majid Sabzpooshani

Numerical analysis of an ejector-injector rifrigeration cycle

Dr Ebrahim Afshari,Dr Masoud Ziaei-Rad,Mr. Mohsen Ashrafian-Far

solar water heater

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