List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Fault detection, classification and location methodology for solar microgrids using current injection, online phaselet transform, mathematical morphology filter and signal energy analysis - Accepted in 2022/04/20
Mostafa Dodangeh, Nzvid Ghaffarzadeh *
XML Autonomous Wireless Heat Energy Meter based on Piezoelectric Energy Harvester for Heat Energy Measurement in Building Complexes - Accepted in 2022/04/27
Siamak Jafarpisheh, Ahmadreza Tabesh, Nasrin Rezaei Hosseinabadi *, Mohammad Amin Latify, Hamid Reza Karshenas
XML Grid Integration of a Single-Source Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter with Boosting Capability - Accepted in 2022/02/27
Hassan Zare * , Hossein Asgharpour-Alamdari
XML Energy generation in nanoscale using PVDF piezoelectric nanowires - Accepted in 2021/12/25
Mohammad Mahdi Abolhasani *, Hosna Soleimani
XML Performance Evaluation of New Combination External Recycle Flow and Arc-shaped wire as artificial roughness of Solar Air Heater - Accepted in 2021/11/28
Morteza Haydar, Majid Sabzpooshani *
XML Control and stability improvement of combined wind-battery system with permanent magnet synchronous generator supplying active load - Accepted in 2021/10/9
Ali Ebrahim, Mohsen Rahimi, Alireza Faraji *
XML An intelligent protection method for multi-terminal DC microgrids using on-line phaselet, mathematical morphology, and fuzzy inference system - Accepted in 2021/10/13
Mostafa Dodangeh, Navid Ghaffarzadeh *
XML Thermoeconomic analysis of reducing exergy losses in greenhouses with hydroponic cultivation system through drainage recycling and formation of water quality pyramid - Accepted in 2022/04/24
Ahmad Hosseinnejad, Yadollah Saboohi *, Ghasem Zarei, Jalal Shayegan
XML The effect of dust storm on the performance of photovoltaic panel at different tilt angles - Accepted
Rahmatollah Mahboub, Kamran Kheiralipour *
XML Increasing the efficiency of CIGS solar cell with the appropriate combination of CdS and CdSe buffer layers: simulation by Silvaco software - Accepted in 2021/11/23
Mostafa Zahedifar, Tayebe Ghorbani *, Mehrdad Moradi
XML Microgrid operation planning based on deep reinforcement learning algorithm - Accepted in 2021/09/5
Hassan Zare *, Saeid Esmaeili, Alireza Nateghi, Hossein Asgharpour-Alamdari
XML Adaptive Protection Based on Intelligent Distribution Networks with the Help of Network Factorization in the Presence of Distributed Generation Resources - Accepted in 2021/11/30
Sepideh Teymouriyan, Ghazanfar Shahgholian *, Bahador Fani
XML Study of Thermal and Hydrodynamic Performance of a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector using Hybrid MWCNT/Fe3O4- Therminol VP-1 nanofluid - Accepted in 2021/07/26
Farhad Vahidinia *, Hossein Khorasanizadeh, Alireza Aghaei
XML New Method of acid regeneration in steel pickling plants, Case Study: Kashan Amirkabir Steel Company - Accepted in 2021/08/26
Alireza Javadi *
XML Identifying Initial Events of Cascading Failures Using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Method - Accepted in 2021/12/12
Mojtaba Fekri, Javad Nikoukar *, Gevork B Gharehpetian
XML Design and Evaluation of a Hybrid Islanding Detection Method for Inverter-Based Distributed Generation Resources - Accepted in 2021/12/15
Mohammadreza Golshanara, Hossein Hojabri *
XML Optimization of Plasmonic DSSC with Controling of Au/Tio2 Mass Ratio and Configration of Photoanode - Accepted in 2022/03/15
Hossein Rooholamini nejad *, Hamideh Hasanzadeh Jeshari
XML Investigation of the failure of the high-temeperature super heater header in the boiler of a power plant using experiments and numerical simulation - Accepted in 2021/06/30
Abolfazl Fattahi *, Mohammad Hosseini
XML Numerical study to simultaneously investigate the effect of fuel injection timing and Syngas composition on performance and emission characteristics of heavy compression ignition engine - Accepted in 2021/09/28
Said Foroutani, Gholamreza Salehi *, Hossein Fallahsohi, Kamran Lari, Afshin Mohseni Arasteh
XML Design Optimization, Voltage Quality and Torque Ripple Improvement of an Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Generator for Direct-Drive Wind Turbines - Accepted in 2022/03/15
Ali Akbar Abdoos *, Mohammad Ebrahim Moazzen, Seyyed Mehdi Hosseini, Seyyed Asghar Gholamian
XML Adaptive setting of UFLS relay using hourly programming considering renewable energy sources in smart grid - Accepted in 2021/12/28
Ali Rafinia, Navid Rezaei *, Jamal Moshtagh
XML Optimum Proposal of Various Financial Rights in Secondary Short-Period Auction Market of Transmission Rights for Congestion Risk Management - Accepted in 2021/07/21
Mohammad Tabrizian *, Hossein Seifi, Mohammad Kazem Sheikholeslami, Hamidreza Shahmirzad
XML An Effective Approach to Reducing Environmental Pollutants by Replacing Biofuels with Fossil Fuels through Imposing Social Costs and Emission Limits on a Hybrid System in Iran (A Case Study of a Prone Rural Area) - Accepted in 2021/07/13
Reza Behboud, Mina Mollasalehi *, George Gharepatian
XML Strategic Capacitor Placement for Reducing Voltage Collapse Probability in Power Systems - Accepted in 2021/08/31
Behrouz Tousi *, Vahid Talavat, Ashkan Sufizadeh, Saeed Rezaeian-Marjani
XML An Innovative Symmetric and Asymmetric Topology for Multilevel Inverter Aiming to Reduce the Count of Switching Devices - Accepted in 2021/12/20
Majid Hosseinpour *, Ali Seifi
XML Load Frequency Control Based on Improved Fuzzy Controller in the Microgrid with Thermoelectric Generator - Accepted in 2021/09/14
Milad Chandel, Javad Olamaei *, Aref Jalili Irani
XML Modular Multilevel Current Source Inverter Using Two-Switch Basic Units - Published in 2018/10/20
XML Numerical analysis of an ejector-injector rifrigeration cycle - Published in 2019/01/5
Ebrahim Afshari *, Masoud Ziaei-Rad, Mohsen Ashrafian-Far

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