List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML Performance Evaluation of New Combination External Recycle Flow and Arc-shaped wire as artificial roughness of Solar Air Heater - Accepted in 2021/11/28
Morteza Haydar, Majid Sabzpooshani *
XML Control and stability improvement of combined wind-battery system with permanent magnet synchronous generator supplying active load - Accepted in 2021/10/9
Ali Ebrahim, Mohsen Rahimi, Alireza Faraji *
XML An intelligent protection method for multi-terminal DC microgrids using on-line phaselet, mathematical morphology, and fuzzy inference system - Accepted in 2021/10/13
Mostafa Dodangeh, Navid Ghaffarzadeh *
XML The effect of dust storm on the performance of photovoltaic panel at different tilt angles - Accepted
Rahmatollah Mahboub, Kamran Kheiralipour *
XML Experimental investigation of thermal and electrical performances of a nanofluid-cooled photovoltaic/thermal system equipped with a sheet-and-grooved serpentine tube collector - Accepted in 2021/04/27
Amin Shahsavar *
XML Fault location and classification in non-homogeneous transmission line utilizing breaker transients - Accepted in 2021/11/28
Zahra Moravej *, Pouriya Boostani, Mehrdad Ghahremani
XML Association rule mining application to diagnose smart power distribution system outage root cause - Accepted in 2021/10/2
Mohammad Reza Dehbozorgi, Mohammad Rastegar *
XML A Methodology for Unified Assessment of Physical and Geographical Dependencies of Wide Area Measurement Systems in Smart Grids - Accepted in 2021/10/20
Mohammad Shahraeini *, Panayiotis Kotzanikolaou
XML Fault Detection and Location in DC Microgrids by Recurrent Neural Networks and Decision Tree Classifier - Accepted in 2021/11/17
Amirhossein Akbari Sharif *, Hossein Kazemi karegar, Saman Esmaeilbeigi
XML Increasing the efficiency of CIGS solar cell with the appropriate combination of CdS and CdSe buffer layers: simulation by Silvaco software - Accepted in 2021/11/23
Mostafa Zahedifar, Tayebe Ghorbani *, Mehrdad Moradi
XML Day-Ahead Generation Scheduling of Power System in Presence of Fast Generation Resources under Uncertainty of Renewable Generation Units. - Accepted in 2021/10/18
Alireza Mansoori, Alireza Sheikhi Fini *, Mohsen Parsa Moghaddam
XML Microgrid operation planning based on deep reinforcement learning algorithm - Accepted in 2021/09/5
Hassan Zare *, Saeid Esmaeili, Alireza Nateghi, Hossein Asgharpour-Alamdari
XML Adaptive Protection Based on Intelligent Distribution Networks with the Help of Network Factorization in the Presence of Distributed Generation Resources - Accepted in 2021/11/30
Sepideh Teymouriyan, Ghazanfar Shahgholian *, Bahador Fani
XML Study of Thermal and Hydrodynamic Performance of a Parabolic Trough Solar Collector using Hybrid MWCNT/Fe3O4- Therminol VP-1 nanofluid - Accepted in 2021/07/26
Farhad Vahidinia *, Hossein Khorasanizadeh, Alireza Aghaei
XML New Method of acid regeneration in steel pickling plants, Case Study: Kashan Amirkabir Steel Company - Accepted in 2021/08/26
Alireza Javadi *
XML Planning and Operation of the Active and Reactive sources Constrained to Voltage Security in the Reconfigurable Smart Distribution Network - Accepted in 2021/09/7
Eshagh Faraji, Ali Reza Abbasi *, Samad Nejatian, Mahmoud Zadehbagheri, Hamid Parvin
XML Feasibility Study of Solar Ejector Cooling Cycle in Different Weather Conditions - Accepted in 2021/07/30
Ali Khalilpour, MozaffarAli Mehrabian, Aghil Iranmanesh *
XML Investigation of the failure of the high-temeperature super heater header in the boiler of a power plant using experiments and numerical simulation - Accepted in 2021/06/30
Abolfazl Fattahi *, Mohammad Hosseini
XML Multi-Objective Optimization of Performance of a Solar Air Heater With Fin and Baffle and Recycle Using Genetic Algorithm - Accepted in 2021/06/20
Majid Sabzpooshani *, Amin Ghalenoei
XML Numerical study to simultaneously investigate the effect of fuel injection timing and Syngas composition on performance and emission characteristics of heavy compression ignition engine - Accepted in 2021/09/28
Said Foroutani, Gholamreza Salehi *, Hossein Fallahsohi, Kamran Lari, Afshin Mohseni Arasteh
XML Multi-objective Optimization of Customers’ Load and Local Energy Resources in order to Increase Profitability and Decrease Pollution of Smart Microgrid - Accepted in 2021/01/14
Masoud Alilou, Behrouz Tousi *, Hossein Shayeghi
XML Determination of energy efficiency and exergy of solar collector bed, operating plate under turbulent nanoscale flow with molybdenum disulfide nanoparticles in different morphologies for tropical regions of Iran - Accepted in 2021/02/23
Alireza Aghaei, Amin Dezfulizadeh *, Alireza Fadaei dehar, Mohammad Sepehrirad, Hossein Mazaheri
XML Experimental investigation of a solar desalination performance based on humidification-dehumidification technique with air and water closed cycle - Accepted in 2021/06/1
Mostafa Kiani Deh Kiani *, Amin Asadzadeh, Hamid Mortezapour, Seyed Mohammad Safieddin Ardebili
XML Analysis of Unsteady Fluid Induced Vibration Forces on a Nuclear Fuel Rod Bundle in Turbulent Axial Flow - Accepted in 2020/12/2
Mansour Talebi *, Ali Hatami
XML Synthesis and Performance of Nickle and Cerium Metal Oxide Nanocatalysts based on Zirconia to Produce Biodiesel - Accepted in 2021/07/10
Maryam Afsharizadeh *, Mohsen Mohsennia
XML An Effective Approach to Reducing Environmental Pollutants by Replacing Biofuels with Fossil Fuels through Imposing Social Costs and Emission Limits on a Hybrid System in Iran (A Case Study of a Prone Rural Area) - Accepted in 2021/07/13
Reza Behboud, Mina Mollasalehi *, George Gharepatian
XML Strategic Capacitor Placement for Reducing Voltage Collapse Probability in Power Systems - Accepted in 2021/08/31
Behrouz Tousi *, Vahid Talavat, Ashkan Sufizadeh, Saeed Rezaeian-Marjani
XML Load Frequency Control Based on Improved Fuzzy Controller in the Microgrid with Thermoelectric Generator - Accepted in 2021/09/14
Milad Chandel, Javad Olamaei *, Aref Jalili Irani
XML Solar Energy System Design of Ultralight Aircraft for Smoke Detection and Fire Alarm Proposes - Accepted in 2021/01/25
Hamid Radmanesh *
XML Using system dynamics approach to identify factors affecting energy consumption and CO2 emissions in urban transport: A Case Study of Tehran - Accepted in 2021/04/15
Fatemeh Akbari *, Ali Nazemi, Siyab Mamipour
XML A Nonlinear Voltage Stability Index based on Vector Analysis Method and Measurements of Active and Reactive Powers of Power System - Accepted in 2021/01/23
Mostafa Mohammadniaei, Farhad Namdari *, Mahmoud Reza Shakarami, Leila Hatamvand
XML Modular Multilevel Current Source Inverter Using Two-Switch Basic Units - Accepted in 2018/10/20
XML Numerical analysis of an ejector-injector rifrigeration cycle - Accepted in 2019/01/5
Ebrahim Afshari *, Masoud Ziaei-Rad, Mohsen Ashrafian-Far

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