List of unpublished and accepted articles

XML The Impact of Vanadium-Redox Batteries on the Reliability of Power Systems Integrated with Current-Type Tidal-Turbines - Accepted in 2023/01/11
Amir Ghaedi, Reza Sedaghati, Mehrdad Mahmoudian
XML Economic, Exergy, and Environmental Analysis of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector with Turbulator Containing Polymer Hybrid Nanofluid - Accepted in 2023/02/1
Ali Hosseini Esfahani, Mehdi Aliehyaei, Ali Hassani Joshaghani, Mohammad Mahdi Najafizadeh
XML Technical and economic evaluation of micro-hydropower plant design on water transmission lines (case study: Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province) - Accepted in 2023/01/31
Alireza Reisi
XML Improved Rotor Designs of V- and Flat-type BLDC Motors Aiming at Low Torque Ripple - Accepted in 2023/02/20
Seyed Reza Mousavi-Aghdam , Amin Kholousi
XML Complete Load Compensation in a Distribution Network with a Single-Stage PV Grid Interface Converter - Accepted in 2023/02/22
Hadi Afkar , Mostafa Esmaeeli
XML A New Type-II Fuzzy Logic Control-based Energy Management Strategy for Improving Fuel Cell Durability and Fuel Economy of Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Accepted in 2023/01/29
Majid Keshavarz, Noshin Bigdeli, Aref Shahmansoorian
XML Numerical simulation of geothermal heat exchanger equipped with turbulator containing two-phase hybrid nanofluid - Accepted in 2023/01/16
Ghanbar ali Sheikhzade, Mohammad sadegh Askarian, Alireza Aghaei
XML Feasibility Study of Employing an Ice Storage System in Air Conditioning Systems of Office Buildings in Warm Regions of Iran - Accepted in 2023/01/17
Shahrokh Khakimotnag , Mohammad Ahmadzadehtalatapeh
XML Employing Dynamic Line Rating In Unit Commitment Problem In the Presence of Wind Power Generation Units Under Uncertainty Condition - Accepted in 2023/01/29
Majid Mirzaee, Amir Bagheri
XML Numerical study of the thermohydraulic and energy-saving performance of a graphene nanoplatelet-platinum hybrid nanofluid inside a manifold microchannel heat sink - Accepted in 2023/01/14
M. R. Babaei , G. A. Sheikhzadeh , A. A. Abbasian Arani
XML Fault Diagnosis and Control of the Boost Converter Switching System In Energy Conversion Systems - Accepted in 2022/12/18
Sayyed Hossein Ejtahed, Naser Naser, Ali Karimpour
XML Numerical Modeling and Evaluation of Pigging in Pipeline by SPH Method With Energy Optimization Approach - Accepted in 2022/11/2
Amir Askari Kashan, Mohammad Reza Nazari, Ahmad Reza Faghih Khorasani, Rahim Shamsoddini
XML An Energy Democracy Model for Energy Communities Based on the Prosumers’ Preferences and Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading - Accepted in 2022/08/29
Peyman Afzali, Masoud Rashidinejad, Amir Abdollahi, Mohammad Reza Salehizadeh, Hossein Farahmand
XML A modified SRM Drive Structure Based on Conventional Inverter and DTC Strategy to Reduce Torque Ripple - Accepted in 2022/08/27
Majid Ghanizadeh, Seyed Reza Mousavi-Aghdam, Majid Hoseinpour
XML Performance Evaluation of New Combination External Recycle Flow and Arc-shaped wire as artificial roughness of Solar Air Heater - Accepted in 2021/11/28
Morteza Haydar, Majid Sabzpooshani
XML Numerical analysis of an ejector-injector rifrigeration cycle - Published in 2019/01/5
Ebrahim Afshari, Masoud Ziaei-Rad, Mohsen Ashrafian-Far

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